Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Internal Fire that Burns Forever

I just had to come back to this place one more time. I blog other places but this one is special to me. I started it because someone I care for most deeply said I should. I never met her face to face but if I had I know I would be even more enthralled, if that's possible, than I am now.

Watching the movie Titanic, listening to Celene Dion sing, I once more know the power our souls can muster. It is so inspiring to have a love that transcends all things, that came to be in an instant. We may never communicate again but my life will forever be full to overflowing because of her.

So even as the ship sinks...once more I open the door.

Near, far, where ever you are.................

Friday, January 1, 2010

I Just Had To Let It Go

The days turn into years. Sometime one has to know that the time to let it go has come. As I search for reasons why the time is now, I feel like I'm past understanding anything.

In the years of surfing the Blogs I have made a few cyber-friends and reconnected with some people from my past. But no one is really interested in my thoughts and dreams. They have their own lives and I don't. They are being very nice and give comfort where they can so I am not trying to belittle anyone. One can only hope their lives are a little better for having known or known of me.

In this final article by Ellen Goodman (via) we are reminded we can move on with grace and class if we want to. I will never forget those that befriended me or treat that kindness with anything but the utmost respect and gratitude. At this time in my life that is all I have to give.

I now admonish myself for not becoming a journalist, doctor, lawyer, or something. Instead I let myself become a nobody, a nothing. I can't even garner a few readers in a world full of people that fill the NETZ with every topic under the Sun. The fact that I'm a snail-like typer doesn't help much either.

I will leave this blog in place for the links. Hopefully someone will come across them.

The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice

Looking up at the stars this New Year's Eve a recurring ponder fell once more into my thoughts of the past, present, and future. While reading an article about art in the NYT (HERE) I wondered why am I here and not, physically, able to be with the stars? The capture of time, in an art sense, is a beautiful accomplishment. It does link us to the past, present, and future by way of image and/or word but that link is not physically transverse able. The Universe is so vast yet I can move only slightly in the quantum so as to make it virtually non-existent to me in all but an imaginative, observational way. (like this)

Soon (relatively speaking) we may be able to move corporeally much farther than now, and so the stars will be attainable, but I wonder if our souls and wisdom will expand enough to make that a desirable thing. I hope so.

For now all I can do is wish all of us a happy and fruitful year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bus Seems to be Low on Fuel

There is a lot of good and bad crap being spewed into the universal compost heap. Some of the gasses that are being created by this deluge can be very useful in keeping the Bus motoring toward a vast vacation spot that is large enough to allow all of us to bask in the Sun of Enlightenment and swim in the Sea of Equality. But as is always the case, some of the gasses just stink like a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

The divisions in this world are not insurmountable by nature. They are merely bumps in the road. But too many riders want the journey to be accommodating to a view of comfort that is myopic and self-centered. Many of us have been bathed in this manner so many times and for so many generations that we can't see anything changing. But it must! The bus is running out of fuel quickly. The old fuel, while propelling the bus for millennium, has fouled the air, the water, the land, and our hearts and minds.

Somehow, if we are to survive ourselves, we need a new fuel for the Bus. Or maybe a truer statement would be an old fuel that has been ignored. EQUALITY ANYONE?

The ease with which oppression of someone else is justified in our minds will be the downfall of civilization. Doing what is right is not easy most of the time. The short term comforts of taking the easy way out benefit so few that they cannot last as we all want to bask in the Sun.

I know, I know. Some will say " It has been this way since the dawn of time!!". I agree. Things have gone so well, why change? Right? But, as I look out my window, watch the news, dream of smelling the Roses, I wonder when the Bus will run out of fuel and we will be forced to walk in the dead skunk gasses...or perish.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


The events in the news here and here do not make me feel as if we are going to assume any place in the universe than that we already occupy. The fact that these things happen is made more hideous by the way we take them in stride.

We have known since our beginnings, that left to our own devices, that we get lost. Hence our existence as a social being. Besides, it is more fun to be with others most of the time. Though I don't think that misdeeds are new, we now hear about them almost instantly.

The speed of communication is not what concerns me. It is the speed we have become jaded and indifferent rather than seeking to find the causes of our stagnation and spiritual decline. I know that many would say this decline is linked to a decline in this or that adherence to some religious belief or another. But as far back as one cares to investigate religion, it has served as a control mechanism not that much different than a whip.

We need a social system based on equality, wisdom, and truth instead of dogma, greed, and indifference.

Good luck with that!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


As I watch the horror movie fest today, I thank the Cristian Church. If not for All Saints Day, Nov. 1st, we would not have Halloween as we know it. Well without the capitalist marketing machine's perversion of it anyway. Money seems to trump all in the end it seems.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Stuck In Time Machine

When I was still in High School I saw what I was sure was the direction civilization was going. Equality, humanity, and generosity seemed to be the obvious path. Being one of those that always jumped at the chance to be in the future early, I got married at 17, and had 3 children by 25. I became enamored with learning how to manipulate the physical universe at will while I grew as an accomplished soul.

At 45 a divorce threw me back into the mix. Imagine my surprise to find that the world had not only failed too keep up with my journey in many areas, it had actually stagnated or regressed in most, especially woman's rights.

Sure, some things were different than in my mother's and grandmother's day, but those things seem to hide the truth. Much of the liberation of women was a mask that society used to obscure the flaws in status quo. The trickle-down theory of Reagonomics applied to social justice in a hideous way.

It has left me virtually alone because men don't seem to believe misogyny exists or is wrong, and women of semi-enlightenment see me as the enemy because of my genitalia. I seem to exist in a no-win environment as the Time Machine sputters and fails.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It May Be A Dog Eat Dog World, But I like Baklava,

The competitive nature of people gives rise to many excuses for cut-throat behavior. The notion that there can be only one winner seems hideous to me. Sure, some must lose in a competition. But does that mean that the loser must forfeit the right to exist and the right to try again. If Humans are the top of the food chain why must we act as if we are not?

What has happened to Good Sportsmanship? Being a Good Winner or a Good Loser? I suppose some will tout the fact that we are, indeed, animals. But we are the top dog! I prefer to think that by the virtue of our unique state of existence in the universe we can, and must, act in a more generous (yes some good deeds are done, but they make up a relatively small percentage of the totality of human activity) and less self-centered way.

I am not saying games/competitions are not good. I'm saying we could all do without the feeding frenzy afterward.

Are we worse than all other species? Only Humans kill to make a statement or oppress someone or something.

example here

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I stopped to Smell the Roses, But Blindly Drinking the Kool-Aid? I Don't Think So!

The information environment in the world today is choc-full of good and bad, true and untrue, humble and arrogant. Some of the would-be prophets in the Academy continue to speak in absolutist terms that really show that, no matter how smart or educated or well connected they are, they can't, or refuse to, speak words that do not put themselves ahead of all others. Even when they know they are only one drop of rain falling into an infinite sea.

The use of such rhetoric serves to alienate rather than foster. While it is true to say that some statements may make sense in one construct, it is dishonest to believe that there is only ONE way to view something (your way) and that it is fact rather than a matter of opinion. It is even more dishonest to state things as though they can be proven when, in fact, they can't. Facts not opinion are proof of something. And conclusions based on facts may still be wrong or incomplete. Only those that consider themselves omniscient and omnipotent make their opinions count as fact.

Saying that something does not evolve because it does not jive with a narrow, cherry picked, dismissive of all other permutations, meaning, is a crime against knowledge.

If one says the earth is not round and you can prove it, that statement is just wrong. To say the earth is not round because it has mountains, valleys, oceans, and flat lands, is an incredibly dishonest trick of logic.

So drink the Kool-Aid if you want to. As for me, I'll wait to see who dies before sipping. What grieves me most when people act like a god, is so many people say "I don't know if what they say is true but I will take it as fact because they are such a great speaker".

Drink up sheep!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End of the Line

Some people talked of the math 40 years ago. The fact that the geometrical progression that is the mainstay of the global economy and global population would someday reach tangent. We seem to be there. One does not need to be a rocket scientist, or even a Nobel economist, to see that things are not good and no one knows what to do to next.

The so called experts are stumped. Many of the so called enlightened focus on things that, while of meaning if we survive, skirt or ignore our current heading. What good is being a brilliant Harvard lawyer, or a wealthy VC, or a Media scholar, or etc., etc., if civilization tanks?

I know some refuse to believe the math yet use the same numbers to pad their conscience. Faith in God maybe, faith in ones own infallibility nope! And never, never in the words of those that would throw you under the bus so they can ride.

As the rise in the stock market is touted as a sign that business as usual is our salvation, The World sinks farther and farther into a muck that is consuming us. No amount of wishful thinking, or clever economics, or brilliant lawyering can negate the basic math involved. 1+1=2. Gometric progressions eventually reach tangent.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Run Silent,Run Deep

I know, I know! As a crazy person my train of thought rides on invisible tracks. The final stop on this particular trip is the joy of silent movies. On TCM on Sunday nights there are, for your perusal and education, silent movies. As a movie FANatic, it is exciting for me to see the ubiquitous information culture we live with preserve and resurrect these gems from the beginning of filmdom.

Letterman, Polanski, Sanford, Edwards, Kate...SHEESH! I need a good silent film to set my world riight!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Communist Capitalsts or Capitalist Communists?

China now has a class of billionaires! The global economy is non-political in its use of people to produce wealth. Greed is good is the mantra whether you're totalitarian or not. The dictatorship of the proletariat is no longer the focus of China. Money is.

check it out here

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wireless news from Wired

The games people play. Who is in control here?

A different view of things

Liz Losh at Virtualpolitik talks about digital worldshere

A new dawn for me


I have resisted riding on the coattails of other people. But it seems that linking is the only way for me. So here goes. Ann Bartow at FLP, among many others, has a great post up about the Roman Polanski saga. So does Dr. Socks at Reclusive

The fact that this is causing a debate at all is troubling.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We, the sheep, reserve the inalienable right to follow other sheep off the cliff


While a fake story went viral, for a publicity stunt, real danger was moved into the background. Although in days past I viewed publicity stunts as a tolerable necessity of the few to many form of communication, this sucks. But stories such as this hoax demonstrate how greatly the threat of unethical behavior's use, lies, and propaganda, and such, effect or lives at the speed of light regardless of our participation in spreading them.

Unfortunately the internet is no better and no worse a citizen, a friend, a teacher than we. After all, we are the internet.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


In 1969 I was a 15 year old heavily invested in the Hippie-counterculture-revolution. Much to the embarrassment of my conservative Republican parents. I mean I was smart, visible, and vocal. At the time, in my small Up-state N.Y. town, that made me a member of a rather small, somewhat ostracized group. Even among the kids I went to school with. But that all changed after Woodstock.

Let's see. 1969. Moon landing, Woodstock, Viet Nam, civil rights marches, aftermath of RFK shooting, Nixon, SDS, Weathermen, uderground comics and newspapers, rallies, Beatles, Moody Blues, Stepppenwolf, Cream, Pink Floyd, Ginsberg, Leary, bell bottom jeans, Tie-dye, fighting for the 18 year old's right to vote, moratorium, co-ed dorms, pot, hash, acid, speed, etc., etc.. Yup, things were burnin' for sure!

Playing in a band at the time put us in constant danger. Being a vocal leader was even more dangerous. The school board would not let us play at the school unless they had final aproval of our play list. So we became officers of a local youth group and covinced them to start a Friday and Saturday night coffeehouse for kids, mostly so we had a place to jam.

After Woodstock, most of the then powers-that-be saw that there was no stopping the changes that were coming. But mistakes were made by all sides.


The news of a nearly 15 million dollars a year for a sports figure is scary. I guess we can't complain if we get what we ask for. I mean, we all know a good pitcher, batter, or fielder is worth way more than a good president, senator, or congressman...RIGHT?

Health care reform

The state of the debate on what is the best way to advance Health care in the U.S. is falling into a deep pool of manufactured tar. Each step unable to shake off the blackness of age-old biases that have plagued us...well, forever it seems. Private vs. govt., access vs. cost, ability to pay vs. need. Spin spewed by all sides uses the same old debate tactics that a high school debate team would use.

This should not be a debate but rather a discussion. The use of inflammatory rhetoric mixed with a little bit of truth is the surest way to make sure there is an argument instead of an answer. No doubt some see this as the way, but some don't.

No one really wants to die yet all too many see themselves as the arbitrator of life and death. They scream "NOT ME, NOT ME!" when it is their time, and also scream "LET THEM DIE AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ME!" and "WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE?"

Since we all in reality, both economically and politically, depend on each other in a completely inseparable way, what is best for all makes sense. The trouble seems to be what it always is...GREED!

Wanting more than one's share is a trait of very young children. But it seems many of us return to the mindset that existed before we were taught the need for sharing. Or we see sharing in the context of "First I get WHAT I WANT, if there is any left I'll give some to you."

Human Nature...scary! Good thing we have common sense and the Rule of Law!! Oh wait.......

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wild Child

Well, I've come back against my intentions. After jetting around the blogs for a while now, I have come to the realization that my kind of wild is not appreciated in the on-line landscape much. I mean my poetry is tolerated but not embraced. If I go to an intelligent academic site my lack of degrees leaves me out of the loop. And the sicko sites have no idea how far 3000 light years from home really is. Besides, my brand of sickatude is far too reaching for the normal kind of incrustitude to fathom. I mean come on, nasty language and sex talk is so junior-high.

To me being wild meant no stones unturned. From quantum mechanics to drinking games. From spiritual manifestations to Frisbee. From the beach to the mountain tops. From a broken down Econoline to a DeLorean. Ragweed to Clinical LSD 25. No stone unturned indeed.

So here I am. 2009 and the world still in the chaotic throws of self delusion. The global economy is showing the signs of rot brought to us by our own greedy behaviors. Oppression seems to be the only mantra the weak in wisdom can imagine to get the upper berth on the train. Worse yet, no one really knows where the train is going, or cares it seems. All most want is the top bunk for the ride and to ride with as little self effort as they can. This attitude would be almost tolerable if it were not for the fact that for some to ride in the top bunk, others must be banished from the train entirely.

This dog is tired. I need a soft, dry place in the woods to sleep, forget for a while, eat some fresh fruit, and try again tomorrow. I am still wild but no longer a child!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Into the Void

There is no reason for me to be here. I don't have the knowledge or charisma to get and sustain any interest, connection, or whatever it takes. Thanks to the few. If anyone comes here check out the blog-roll. Sorry for not being worthy.
Do not think of me as weak or wishy-washy or anything less than strong, fearless, and bold. Just gentile with the world and forgiving of failures as I would hope the world would forgive me.
I will retreat to Bob's corner, look out my window, and ponder.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Music to the Story in Your Eyes

It's late and I'm tired of watching a lame-ass movie about a killer giant squid that wrecks a small fishing town while emotional people point fingers at each other. I get enough of this nonsense on the evening news. The economy as a giant there's a mental image for you!
For some reason I don't fit well with the Internet crowd. Staying here and distance learning may be all there is for me.
Watching Madoff go to jail, seeing Buffet's fortune shrink to a mere 30 billion, looking into the saddened eyes of day-traders as they try to stave of well deserved losses by manipulating the Dow, etc., etc. would be entertaining if it wasn't accompanied by news of the disappearing chances for the middle class to survive. And the global plight of the poor and starving caught in the jaws of the power hungry is making me sick.
How do we solve this mess? If one listens closely you can hear the mantra of the people that lead us here. Same-old same-old. As for me, I don't think so. We need something of a change. I'm not talking of a change in political party, I'm talking change in what we want for a future.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Use, misuse

Some time in the past the credo of more knowledge is good came into being. In some cases this is true but the reality is knowledge is only as good as the purpose it serves. Or more accurately, the results of that service. This leads to the postulate that knowledge is neither good nor bad. It is benign until it is applied.

The lack of knowledge falls into the same crucible of benign existence. What we don't know may help us or hurt us depending on ourselves and others in the context of the results of not knowing. Since we will never know everything, this is as it should be as long as one acts with knowledge that both sets can be used for good as well as bad results.

This would be where wisdom comes in. And wisdom has to include not just our desires but the needs of our neighbors. Not to include the welfare of all is not wise. It's greed.

To many people assume that the knowledge they possess makes them special. This assumption is both arrogant and wrong. This perverse attitude shows up everywhere. Some of the smartest people I know of are the worst offenders. They can not help themselves mostly because they are not perfect. But even when they know that fact it seems easy for them to dismiss their dishonesty because they believe the amount of knowledge they possess makes it alright. They become defensive when challenged. Hard to disguise when you're crippled inside.

On that score, we ALL limp through life. The best of the best is still a cripple. Best to be wise and be honest. Don't try to hide the fact that you are human and therefore not perfect. You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

Dust in the wind

While reading about DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS I became mad at myself. Not for things I did or didn't do, rather that I am not able to help people see that the way the world is is not how it has to be. The self-interest, the greed, the violence, serve only to perpetuate self-interest, greed, and violence. Some understand, most do not.

Being that, in the end, we are all just dust in the wind any thought of the future seems unimportant compared to today. In fact, since Today creates the future, Today needs all of our efforts to get it right. To push responsibility and/or judgement on an afterlife is the easy way out. So is thinking that no divine judgement will stop us from doing as we please.

How we treat each other today will influence how we treat each other tomorrow. The operative word here is EACH. No exceptions, no excuses, no justifications, no self preservation, just love in boundless equality.

Why people can't see that or act that way is beyond me. Is it that the way things are is so great that no one gets the short end of the stick? No one has any complaints that make sense? I don't think so.

As the global economy hiccups, maybe collapse, our eyes should open. As violent atrocities fill our world, our eyes should open. As the planet faulters in it's ability to sustain us, our eyes should open.

Doing the right thing because it is right may not be easy, but it is right for today, and therefore the future.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Days , like chordwood, burn and keep me warm, untill there is no more in the pile. Then the fire goes out.

Watching the wheels of the world go round and round I see my pile of wood diminish relentlessly. Sometimes I think I have found someone to share fires with but I am wrong. It seems to always end because of me. I am just not the kind of person others want. Ce la vi, I guess.

The US. stimulus bill goes into effect amid the usual party lines. The hypocrisy on all sides gives me pause. Civilization is doing what it has always done. Flying blind. Billions of dollars are being gambled at the least, our lives, and our children's lives, at the most. No new thinking from anywhere. This flaw in civilization might be rectified by enlisting and listening to voices of people traditionally kept out of the loop of power.

The use of the death of someone as a reminder of that person may serve a useful purpose, it may not. Not my call. But all to often I see a death used in an effort to rally people's emotions for or against a cause. This too may be a good thing, but many times it is used in a cold, calculated way to get us in a frenzy. Making decisions when all worked up may not be the best way to see and act upon the truth. Mob mentality is why we have the rule of law, in most cases anyway. Yes, there must be times when the rule of law is wrong or misapplied. A good reason not to have a death penalty, don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't think twice, it's alright

Alright. I have tried to get educated on women's rights but it seems I will never know what's what. So for now I will rest my brain and wander. I know wandering is not the way to gain readers so I will look for a focus as I travel.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Staying on the path is not easy

Being of a mind that equality belongs to all it behooves me to listen. But listening is only half the journey I have in mind. Speaking out about injustice can be met with intolerance. Though I fully believe in the feminist cause, sometimes I find myself in a no win position. A critical examination of things sometimes reveals flaws. The passion people bring to a subject can cause them to be defensive or intolerant. In most cases this kind of behavior can be understood by looking for the cause. In the case of women's rights it is easy to see why. For millennium men have enforced a stereotypical, male-centered order in the world. IMHO, this view was always far short of the truth.
The sometimes radical posture of change can morph into a single-minded pursuit and leave behind objective reasoning. "I'm always right" is false, no matter the person or the cause.
The ability to flow, to change, to be flexible seems all too often what we want from others, but pride ourselves in not being so. I'm not saying one should not stand up to injustice, I'm saying one should ALWAYS stand up to it. This would include when it flows from ourselves.
Telling ourselves that we have the right to treat others as bad as they treat us breeds a battle that no one wins.
In other words, lead don't push. If some don't follow, examine your path. Be your own harshest judge, not the most lax. If your path is true, leave the non-followers to catch up when they wake up. And remember, "This above all, to thine own self be true. Then it must follow, as the night the day, thou cans't not be false to anyone." Or some such wisdom. Tell yourself the truth always. Self interest is not always the truth. Revenge or retaliation seldom is.
Be strong but fair in all things if that is how you wish to be treated.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The time comes in most people's lives when one must be honest with oneself, and thereby others. I am not a real BLOGGER! I just play one on TV. My only claim to fame is my Fozzy bear PEZ dispenser and my pet triceratops skeleton named Franky.
Please don't hate me because of this deception. I never set out to be a charleton, but, Damn, it felt so good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?

As the days of a new administration tick into the past we see a lot of bickering in D.C.. It seems nobody is right cause eveybody's wrong.
Over at Dissenting Justice the posts and comments, although civil, represent the huge divide that exists. Dissent is a good thing as long as it acknowledges that, it to, may be wrong. Or maybe incomplete in the evaluations and conclusions employed.
The intellectual approach to politics is a somewhat novel facet in the world. The human need for power trumps most attempts to do the right thing. People equate being wrong with a position of lesser power, and thereby are reluctant to compromise. Of course, the battle for control is nothing new.
Dems, Repubs, Green, Libertarian, et al, vie for control not real justice.
Moving around The Netz, one sees, if one cares to look beyond the end of one's nose, the schism that has flourished since the dawn of humanity given it's loudest voice to date. The use of ubiquitous communication is a window into our souls much as language is but farther reaching, and at first glance, more anonymous.

Friday, February 13, 2009



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Freedom to be free from others' views on freedom

It has been a long and winding road. As far back as I can remember (which for me, luckily, is quite far) the road ahead of me was different. Many times I didn't know where I was or where I was going. I just knew the road was the one I should take.
The fact that others would follow me was a great burden for me. "Don't follow me" I would say, "I may just be wandering". Which, of course, was mostly true. And I didn't feel that, if I made a mistake, (which I often did!) anyone should suffer with me. I must admit though, sometimes, I succumbed to the leader thing. It was a heady experience, at Ten, to have an army of kids at ones command. Having a General's privileges was very seducing.
The last 40 years have been both an advancement in some ways, and a stagnation in others. While technology pursued a path of increasing wonders, much of human interaction seems to be happy with a plateau of status quo. War, oppression, ideology, religion, economics, politics, and so on are locked into a battle of privilege and dominion that is prehistoric in stature and purpose.
Many of the people I talk to believe that the end of times is upon us and that their religious beliefs must be followed to reach a heavenly outcome. Some see doom as the consequence of all human efforts. There are also those that see no end in sight. What I see from these views is the abdication of responsibility.
We may continue, we may not. But, it seems to me, if we wish there to be a posterity we must take it upon ourselves to create the opportunity for it to exist. That would mean that all things must reach their outcomes naturally, without the arrogant attitude that only we know best. Unless we are the creator of all things, in which case why not end all injustice and suffering now.
But, in our heart of hearts, we all know, we are not the creator of all things, we all want to live as long and happy as possible, and none of us knows the truth of creation or the end. In that context, I suggest we act and think as if time will be eternal, and judgement will come, right or wrong, from our neighbor. Not ourselves, not God.

An example of our ability to be at once, at the mercy of nature, complicit in catastrophe, and compassionate beyond measure, I recommend the well publicized picture of the firefighter and the Kuola bear from the disaster in Australia. Gives me hope for the future.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog the day

The number of blogs is too big to cover by one such as me. The subjects of blogs are as diverse as are the people of this planet. They can emote on many topics, a few, or just one. They can be funny or serious. Some are intensely personal, some are clinical in nature. And, of course, some are a little of both.
I should have known better than to be attracted to much to bloggers. They have their own lives. If I wanted to be a real person to someone online, social network sites are the place to look for people looking for people. Blogging is more of an intellectual exchange that may lead to more but that is not the purpose most people blog. With that in mind, I will curb my attachments.
So I screwed up! So shoot me!
The amount of PhDs, Masters degrees, and other levels of education, that can be found on the Web on just about any subject makes someone like me feel very, very small indeed.

Over at the new site of The Center for Reproductive Rights there are many posts and links of an importance to those that wish to see the world align. The world needs to think of the world, not just self absorbed dogma. The age old norms and beliefs are no longer valid in most cases. Even when taken in a religious context, the number of humans, the available resources, and just plain common sense, make updated thought a necessity. If freedom is to prevail over oppression, then wisdom must defeat wishful thinking and/or force. It would seem the first place to update is in the area bodily freedom and health. Why do some seek to impose their beliefs and traditions on others thus denying freedom. Doesn't freedom include making mistakes as long as those mistakes don't cause someone else to loose something of value to them, like freedom.
look here

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can't we all just get along

Gaza article here The global feuding is continuing to thrust civilization backwards. No one is willing to lay down their arms first. The main argument is always the same."We are just protecting ourselves!" "They will kill us if we put our weapons down first!" What? I guess it is better to die for war than to die for peace. In my book, your still dead. Has anyone ever heard of passive resistance? What does it matter if one dies fighting or dies refusing too cooperate? Just limiting your losses by killing does not do much in the long run but eventually give the enemy resolve. I know, moving into the LIGHT is scary after one's eyes have grown accustomed to the dark. But in the light there is less of a chance I will trip over something, fall in a hole, bump my head, or something. Demonstrations for all sides...debates at The U.N.. Planes, rockets, blocking aid, pictures of injured children! Yet no one sees the folly!

Meet the Press

Today was not much different than my Sunday mornings for the last 35 years or so. Breakfast, coffee, wash up, and Sunday morning TV. This almost always includes Meet the Press. The talk of political ideology and specific candidates was refreshing. It was minimal. The PE (Obama) was mentioned, but more as an articulater of the people and good-message role model rather than a Mister Fix-it or Messiah. The statistics of who has been the beneficiary of the increase in wealth in this country, and most others, and who and what has been short changed are dismal for we average citizens. 90 percent of the total value of pay raises over the last 25 years has gone to the wealthiest 10 percent. Of that, 1 percent got 60 percent of the increase. 1/10 of 1 sspercent got 35 percent of the most increase in wealth! Meanwhile our bridges and roads crumble, our schools lack proper funding, etc.. Bill Cosby brought up a statistic that sums up the kinds of change that needs to occur in our mind-set, of which BO is just a paid spokesman. Undereducation leads to crime. If it takes $8000 dollars to educate someone, $42,000 to keep them in jail. It would seem a better investment to fund education than prisons.
This statistical conversation went on to include parenting, reponsibility, and host of vital topics that raise the bar for political shows. Well done Mr. Gregory et al!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

WORDS are important, but so is INTENT!

NO ONE SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO ANY BEHAVIORS OR LAWS THAT IMPEDE THEIR SURVIVAL FOR ANY REASON, PERIOD. I know the WORDS stated here will be dissected, analyzed, and/or dismissed. But the intent is clear!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 et finis

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues its march to nowhere, Blagojevich appoints a good man and former opponent to Senate seat just to piss people off, financial catastrophe, coal waste spill, food shortages, glacial melting, rise in idiot population, cat box malfunction, Time Warner cutting 18 channels, ex doing great, been foolish myself, the long and winding road is a dead end, some good friends pass, the use of fossil fuels continues, fossil fools continue, human rights in most areas of the world suck, Madoff made out, pirates on the high seas emboldened, Cholera epidemic, extinction quickens for many species, young Turks act like turkeys, civilization moves in reverse ratio to technology, thieves get taxpayer money with handshake and a blowgun with poisoned darts, self loving smart people believe in their own infallibility and dismiss such as me, self honest smart people give me a chance but I fail to make the grade, the only feet on this path are mine, I am forced to eat chocolate over and over to save the world, so it goes, on and on, same old same old.

Happy New Year, anyway.

And to those that know who they are, THANKS!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oppression stinks

Oppression of girls that want to attend school under Taliban rule is reaching despicable new heights. While reading of this in a BBC ARTICLE ON-LINE, I was shocked to the core that any human can believe that the suppression of ANY human rights is a good thing, let alone the rights of half of the population. I'm not a revered or cited philosopher, but damn!