Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wild Child

Well, I've come back against my intentions. After jetting around the blogs for a while now, I have come to the realization that my kind of wild is not appreciated in the on-line landscape much. I mean my poetry is tolerated but not embraced. If I go to an intelligent academic site my lack of degrees leaves me out of the loop. And the sicko sites have no idea how far 3000 light years from home really is. Besides, my brand of sickatude is far too reaching for the normal kind of incrustitude to fathom. I mean come on, nasty language and sex talk is so junior-high.

To me being wild meant no stones unturned. From quantum mechanics to drinking games. From spiritual manifestations to Frisbee. From the beach to the mountain tops. From a broken down Econoline to a DeLorean. Ragweed to Clinical LSD 25. No stone unturned indeed.

So here I am. 2009 and the world still in the chaotic throws of self delusion. The global economy is showing the signs of rot brought to us by our own greedy behaviors. Oppression seems to be the only mantra the weak in wisdom can imagine to get the upper berth on the train. Worse yet, no one really knows where the train is going, or cares it seems. All most want is the top bunk for the ride and to ride with as little self effort as they can. This attitude would be almost tolerable if it were not for the fact that for some to ride in the top bunk, others must be banished from the train entirely.

This dog is tired. I need a soft, dry place in the woods to sleep, forget for a while, eat some fresh fruit, and try again tomorrow. I am still wild but no longer a child!

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