Sunday, August 9, 2009

Health care reform

The state of the debate on what is the best way to advance Health care in the U.S. is falling into a deep pool of manufactured tar. Each step unable to shake off the blackness of age-old biases that have plagued us...well, forever it seems. Private vs. govt., access vs. cost, ability to pay vs. need. Spin spewed by all sides uses the same old debate tactics that a high school debate team would use.

This should not be a debate but rather a discussion. The use of inflammatory rhetoric mixed with a little bit of truth is the surest way to make sure there is an argument instead of an answer. No doubt some see this as the way, but some don't.

No one really wants to die yet all too many see themselves as the arbitrator of life and death. They scream "NOT ME, NOT ME!" when it is their time, and also scream "LET THEM DIE AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ME!" and "WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE?"

Since we all in reality, both economically and politically, depend on each other in a completely inseparable way, what is best for all makes sense. The trouble seems to be what it always is...GREED!

Wanting more than one's share is a trait of very young children. But it seems many of us return to the mindset that existed before we were taught the need for sharing. Or we see sharing in the context of "First I get WHAT I WANT, if there is any left I'll give some to you."

Human Nature...scary! Good thing we have common sense and the Rule of Law!! Oh wait.......

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