Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?

As the days of a new administration tick into the past we see a lot of bickering in D.C.. It seems nobody is right cause eveybody's wrong.
Over at Dissenting Justice the posts and comments, although civil, represent the huge divide that exists. Dissent is a good thing as long as it acknowledges that, it to, may be wrong. Or maybe incomplete in the evaluations and conclusions employed.
The intellectual approach to politics is a somewhat novel facet in the world. The human need for power trumps most attempts to do the right thing. People equate being wrong with a position of lesser power, and thereby are reluctant to compromise. Of course, the battle for control is nothing new.
Dems, Repubs, Green, Libertarian, et al, vie for control not real justice.
Moving around The Netz, one sees, if one cares to look beyond the end of one's nose, the schism that has flourished since the dawn of humanity given it's loudest voice to date. The use of ubiquitous communication is a window into our souls much as language is but farther reaching, and at first glance, more anonymous.

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