Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End of the Line

Some people talked of the math 40 years ago. The fact that the geometrical progression that is the mainstay of the global economy and global population would someday reach tangent. We seem to be there. One does not need to be a rocket scientist, or even a Nobel economist, to see that things are not good and no one knows what to do to next.

The so called experts are stumped. Many of the so called enlightened focus on things that, while of meaning if we survive, skirt or ignore our current heading. What good is being a brilliant Harvard lawyer, or a wealthy VC, or a Media scholar, or etc., etc., if civilization tanks?

I know some refuse to believe the math yet use the same numbers to pad their conscience. Faith in God maybe, faith in ones own infallibility nope! And never, never in the words of those that would throw you under the bus so they can ride.

As the rise in the stock market is touted as a sign that business as usual is our salvation, The World sinks farther and farther into a muck that is consuming us. No amount of wishful thinking, or clever economics, or brilliant lawyering can negate the basic math involved. 1+1=2. Gometric progressions eventually reach tangent.

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