Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It May Be A Dog Eat Dog World, But I like Baklava,

The competitive nature of people gives rise to many excuses for cut-throat behavior. The notion that there can be only one winner seems hideous to me. Sure, some must lose in a competition. But does that mean that the loser must forfeit the right to exist and the right to try again. If Humans are the top of the food chain why must we act as if we are not?

What has happened to Good Sportsmanship? Being a Good Winner or a Good Loser? I suppose some will tout the fact that we are, indeed, animals. But we are the top dog! I prefer to think that by the virtue of our unique state of existence in the universe we can, and must, act in a more generous (yes some good deeds are done, but they make up a relatively small percentage of the totality of human activity) and less self-centered way.

I am not saying games/competitions are not good. I'm saying we could all do without the feeding frenzy afterward.

Are we worse than all other species? Only Humans kill to make a statement or oppress someone or something.

example here

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