Friday, January 1, 2010

I Just Had To Let It Go

The days turn into years. Sometime one has to know that the time to let it go has come. As I search for reasons why the time is now, I feel like I'm past understanding anything.

In the years of surfing the Blogs I have made a few cyber-friends and reconnected with some people from my past. But no one is really interested in my thoughts and dreams. They have their own lives and I don't. They are being very nice and give comfort where they can so I am not trying to belittle anyone. One can only hope their lives are a little better for having known or known of me.

In this final article by Ellen Goodman (via) we are reminded we can move on with grace and class if we want to. I will never forget those that befriended me or treat that kindness with anything but the utmost respect and gratitude. At this time in my life that is all I have to give.

I now admonish myself for not becoming a journalist, doctor, lawyer, or something. Instead I let myself become a nobody, a nothing. I can't even garner a few readers in a world full of people that fill the NETZ with every topic under the Sun. The fact that I'm a snail-like typer doesn't help much either.

I will leave this blog in place for the links. Hopefully someone will come across them.


Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

bob c said...

Thank you!

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