Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Music to the Story in Your Eyes

It's late and I'm tired of watching a lame-ass movie about a killer giant squid that wrecks a small fishing town while emotional people point fingers at each other. I get enough of this nonsense on the evening news. The economy as a giant there's a mental image for you!
For some reason I don't fit well with the Internet crowd. Staying here and distance learning may be all there is for me.
Watching Madoff go to jail, seeing Buffet's fortune shrink to a mere 30 billion, looking into the saddened eyes of day-traders as they try to stave of well deserved losses by manipulating the Dow, etc., etc. would be entertaining if it wasn't accompanied by news of the disappearing chances for the middle class to survive. And the global plight of the poor and starving caught in the jaws of the power hungry is making me sick.
How do we solve this mess? If one listens closely you can hear the mantra of the people that lead us here. Same-old same-old. As for me, I don't think so. We need something of a change. I'm not talking of a change in political party, I'm talking change in what we want for a future.

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