Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog the day

The number of blogs is too big to cover by one such as me. The subjects of blogs are as diverse as are the people of this planet. They can emote on many topics, a few, or just one. They can be funny or serious. Some are intensely personal, some are clinical in nature. And, of course, some are a little of both.
I should have known better than to be attracted to much to bloggers. They have their own lives. If I wanted to be a real person to someone online, social network sites are the place to look for people looking for people. Blogging is more of an intellectual exchange that may lead to more but that is not the purpose most people blog. With that in mind, I will curb my attachments.
So I screwed up! So shoot me!
The amount of PhDs, Masters degrees, and other levels of education, that can be found on the Web on just about any subject makes someone like me feel very, very small indeed.

Over at the new site of The Center for Reproductive Rights there are many posts and links of an importance to those that wish to see the world align. The world needs to think of the world, not just self absorbed dogma. The age old norms and beliefs are no longer valid in most cases. Even when taken in a religious context, the number of humans, the available resources, and just plain common sense, make updated thought a necessity. If freedom is to prevail over oppression, then wisdom must defeat wishful thinking and/or force. It would seem the first place to update is in the area bodily freedom and health. Why do some seek to impose their beliefs and traditions on others thus denying freedom. Doesn't freedom include making mistakes as long as those mistakes don't cause someone else to loose something of value to them, like freedom.
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