Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can't we all just get along

Gaza article here The global feuding is continuing to thrust civilization backwards. No one is willing to lay down their arms first. The main argument is always the same."We are just protecting ourselves!" "They will kill us if we put our weapons down first!" What? I guess it is better to die for war than to die for peace. In my book, your still dead. Has anyone ever heard of passive resistance? What does it matter if one dies fighting or dies refusing too cooperate? Just limiting your losses by killing does not do much in the long run but eventually give the enemy resolve. I know, moving into the LIGHT is scary after one's eyes have grown accustomed to the dark. But in the light there is less of a chance I will trip over something, fall in a hole, bump my head, or something. Demonstrations for all sides...debates at The U.N.. Planes, rockets, blocking aid, pictures of injured children! Yet no one sees the folly!

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