Saturday, November 7, 2009


The events in the news here and here do not make me feel as if we are going to assume any place in the universe than that we already occupy. The fact that these things happen is made more hideous by the way we take them in stride.

We have known since our beginnings, that left to our own devices, that we get lost. Hence our existence as a social being. Besides, it is more fun to be with others most of the time. Though I don't think that misdeeds are new, we now hear about them almost instantly.

The speed of communication is not what concerns me. It is the speed we have become jaded and indifferent rather than seeking to find the causes of our stagnation and spiritual decline. I know that many would say this decline is linked to a decline in this or that adherence to some religious belief or another. But as far back as one cares to investigate religion, it has served as a control mechanism not that much different than a whip.

We need a social system based on equality, wisdom, and truth instead of dogma, greed, and indifference.

Good luck with that!

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