Friday, December 22, 2006


i have found an incredible number of people and blogs. most are legit on the surface but some contain disguised access to my computer. i hope those among us that find this kind of thing tell others. only by using the communication that the net gives us can we hope to negate and expose this abuse of our freedom. technology must not be feared but its uses must be watched closely. and to those that perpatrate these kinds of abuses, be warned "we are watching and will retaliate." the benifits will pale in contrast to the penalties when you are caught. i know there will always be those that seek to cheat thier way to wealth but we who are honest can thwart most.


Ann Bartow said...

Hi Bob,
How can you tell when a blog has or attempts to gain access to your computer?

bob c said...

hi Ann,
use of the firewall is usefull, look for subtle changes such as in memory consumption or setting changes. also outgoing data records. as the culprets get better the task gets harder. although there are courses in cybersecurity, the criminals take these courses too. vigilance seems to be the key.