Wednesday, December 27, 2006

blog, pain and emotional agony

after some time blogging i have reached the point that i just don't have the poop. i invest way too much of myself with a world that can just shut me out without a care. as one that has always cared, i do not understand how this could be. i know i am not perfect and make many mistakes, especially when talking into nowhere. it hurts me deeply when someone thinks ill of me because of something i said or did. i do notice when the amount of feedback i get declines on a blog that was very active when i arrived. i am not a troll, a secret employee involved in selling anything or anything that is hidden. I'm just Bob. that has always seemed to be the greatest of compliments because it showed peoples trust. not that i never make mistakes but that i always give my best, which is usually pretty good. so to protect myself and heal, i think it best that i stay here and write for awhile. this is not a comment on others, just on me. I'll go back to blogging when i feel i can. after all i am just Bob.

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Ann Bartow said...

Hi Bob,
I hope no one was mean to you at Sivacracy. The Internet can be a strange and awful place. You are a bright spot in it.