Friday, December 22, 2006


one of the downsides to the digital world may be in the area of our ability to shut anyone out of our world for any reason with no need to listen to their explanation or apology. this can happen in the world outside the net, but it seems much more prevalent in this one. a simple click can shut someone down. a little like sticking ones fingers in ones ears and humming. we have the right to listen to those we chose or not to. what i am talking about is the chance that we should have given someone our respect and alowed comment before we made up our mind. in a court of law we can rebut, but on the web we have no such right. only the willingness of the other party. usually it is evident quickly if one is sincere.
in the world of economics, the fight between etheopia and starbucks is an interesting case. what responsability do the big boys have? who will really gain if the verdict goes against starbucks?

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