Thursday, December 28, 2006

recources on resources

while skimming thru some articles on the earth, i came upon a very scary statistic. it seems the earth takes a year to create what we humans now consume in 10 months. and as time goes by and the population grows this dilemma will only get worse. consumption and pollution must be addressed to save our home. although in the past the quest for wealth paid little heed to the future, we now find ourselves the beneficiaries of this selfish kind of view. now it is us, and our children, that will pay the ultimate price of such folly. 35 years ago some of us sounded the warning but little has been accomplished. yes a few laws and practices try to deal with the ever growing reality of overuse and waste as well as pollution, but these are inadequate and subverted at every turn. wake up people and stand up to those that prosper at our futures risk. one would think the top beneficiaries of this kind of self destructive system plan on God to protect them or they plan to leave the planet when it is no longer safe to live here. can we come too?

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