Friday, August 24, 2007

turn the page

after a little soul searching, I will now write about things that do not involve me personally anymore, much. For a while now I have been enamoured with someone well beyond my reach. An unrequited love affair if you will. So strong is my attraction that I may be acting a little goofy. Who am I kidding, very goofy. This person is probably aware of my idiocy. Being way to nice to just tell me to fuck off, they just continue to be kind. It is up to me to grow up and turn the page. Too bad for me, too bad for them, too bad.I don't know when or why but the tone of our exchanges changed. Where there was once interest and the sharing of life's meaningful topics, there is now polite conversation. I know this is due to my words in some way so I will limit what I say to them.

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