Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here I am

going back to read the comments I have been leaving at various blogs, comparing them to the original posts as well as any other comments, I am struck by how lame my thoughts can be. It is only the kindness of others that give voice these mutterings of mine.
Watching the news of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, I hear an expert on the US. infastucture say it would cost about 14 billion dollars to fix up all of our bridges. A vast sum indeed, but small compared to the 10 billion dollars per month we spend on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our priorities seem to be skewed a bit.
Reading some of the feminist blogs give one the feeling that not only will the sides never accept each others point of view, most don't even want to. This seems to be the norm for all injustices and inequalities we face. As for me, I hope to find someone to care about that will care about me. Not much to seek but hard to find I guess. I am sure I missed more than a few opportunities.

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