Friday, February 16, 2007

scolarly discusion of the word "scholar"

A gentleman and a scholar took me under his wing to improve my knowledge of the subject at hand. His mastery of the subject was breathtaking. He could discern more about a machine with a few light taps of his machinist's hammer and his nose than the designer. Although he was in possession of a great intellect, it was his knowledge that made him great. This was the direct result of many years of work and observation. One of the proudest moments of my life was his agreeing to teach me some of the "secrets" he had learned. He was considered by all that knew him or knew of him to be the "grand wizard of machines." After awhile in his company, those that knew me would tell me how lucky I was that he was willing to share his knowledge with me, When I told him what they said, all he said to me was that he liked the way I only added my two cents when they were needed. He was not above learning, in fact he never stopped. He was truly a gentleman and a scholar. He had been asked to speak at many universities about many things that did not involve machines. He would teach me of these things too. The biggest secret he gave me was no secret at all. He had never studied at a collage or university. He would say" A scholar need not have a degree, but it helps." What a guy. He died when he was about 70 and I was 24. I will never forget him or what he taught me. When one looks up the word "scholar" there is more than one definition. Maybe they should add his name.

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Ann Bartow said...

For me it was my seventh grade science teacher who taught me how to love learning :>)