Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dr. Who?

many years ago i learned this from Dr. Joyce Brothers on one of her many stints on the "TONIGHT SHOW".
Suppose while sailing your boat hits a reef. the 5 humans aboard swim to safety but 3 make it to an island some distance from the other 2. A,B and C are on one and D and E the other.
A starts collecting the parts from the wreck and tries to build a radio so they can call for help. B starts pressuring C for sex but her mate is D and can see the other shore. she refuses but B persists. E just wants to survive and be rescued so he agrees to help D build a boat. D wants the boat so he can get to C and block B's advances. After a long while C decides D will not succeed and she can no longer resist B's insisting and gives in to him.
E and D finish the boat and get to the first island at the same time A finishes the radio. D is now mad at C for giving in to B. D joins A and E to complete the call for help.

rate A,B,C,D and E by any criteria you wish as to their importance in this story.

meaning of people

my rating of the cast in comments.
one uses someones ratings to get a good idea of what is valuable to them and a clue into their behavior. some may try to manipulate the results but when they are alone and honest the truth will out.


bob c said...

Bobc's picks A,E,C,D and finaly B

Ann Bartow said...

I have to admit I got distracted by the idea of one person pressuring the other for sex instead of helping build a radio.