Monday, February 12, 2007

i think it's gonna be a long long time!

it's been over 40 years and no sign of touch down for me! i was always a little off. more than half a bubble off by most accounts. lol. it was not that i didn't see what others did, i just seemed to see more. i read constantly. usually SF, but not much was beyond my interest. i made it through school without most of my textbooks though. they were placed in a safe place and forgotten until i had to turn them in at the end of the year. i was more interested in Poe, Asimov, Heinlein and Bradbury among many others. it was very evident to my parents, teachers and friends that Bob was not from around here. i took this in stride since it seemed i had no choice.
in the 60's i set about designing underground habitats to survive a nuclear war. this meant learning about generating power, hydroponics, bringing sunlight underground by using Lucite fibers hidden above, testing the underground water as we got it so we could send the water out with the same characteristics and avoid detection. ( does the name Morloc ring a bell?) because of this obsession many had plans to break in to the local gun shop, take what they wanted, then force me to go with them. we were going to kidnap time. luckily the bombs did not come.
i also learned to work in 11 number bases that included the binary system. this meant machine code. we had such plans for the emerging computer. my dad worked for Grumman Aircraft at the time they were building the LEM and i would help him with the NEW MATH. as a result of going to school in an experimental district, i was in 6th grade and could do complex algebra and trig but could not write out a long division problem.
i will continue later.

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Ann Bartow said...

Bob, consider writing a book that describes some of your favorite SF books. My son (age 15) likes fantasy, and if you have any suggestions it would be great.