Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai, Walmart, Bagdad, Etc.

By now most of us have heard. The violence designed to get our attention has succeeded in doing so. Although I doubt it will change much in the scheme of things, I see an uptick in recruiting people willing to kill and/or be killed. Same old same old.

The Might Makes Right thought process is old school, has never brought lasting peace or enlightenment, yet many still cling to it. Unfortunately for those that do, the people that benefit from this failed mind-set sit protected and secure because they know the outcome will be the same old same old.

History is a chronicle of failure. To be sure there has been momentary times of what some would call victory, but it doesn't last because some one is getting screwed and will eventually fight back in some way. Same old same old.

Whether it is the oppression of people, animals, or the planet, we all lose in the long run. And it seems our run is just about up.

There has been people, signs, results, etc. that have warned us about where we will end up if we follow this path since the dawn of time. We either disbelieve, or become carelessly complacent, or act just plain stupid. At our own, or the future's, peril.

The time has long since come to act as one people for the benefit of all people. Do I think we will? Not if we continue our insanity. Ben Franklin described insanity as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

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