Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have more than what I wanted, but less than I could have had if I had started long before I did

The blogosphere can be a great place to hang out, learn things, keep track, make friends, discuss all manner of things. It can also be the source of great evil. It can also be heartbreaking.
When I first entered The Sphere I felt sure I could handle the twists and turns that were sure to come. Now I'm not so sure. I find the loss of a friend on the internet to be more devastating to me than I could have imagined. More than in real life it seems. I may never know why someone chose to dismiss me, if it was me or them, or if it was just the result of circumstance.
In the real world I can investigate far more easily than I can online. Sure, there are ways to glean some things, but that assumes the gleanee has posted all the pertinent facts.
Without the benefit of face to face encounter, it is way more difficult for me to know what and who to miss...or for that matter, to love.

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