Saturday, October 4, 2008

Miles to go before we sleep

The shaky promises from our so-called leaders bring on nightmares anyway, so maybe sleep's not a good thing right now. Bush, Paulson, Obama. McCain, Pelosi, Reid et al are giving us all Agata. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be moving farther away, not getting closer.
The chaos of direction is of a particular concern being at the confluence of time, resources, and patience. After 230 plus years, America is poised to go down in flames if we can't move beyond tantrums, self-denial, selfish adherence to a perceived privilege decreed by God, and other such divisive views.
America must act like a leader. This does not mean believing we always know what's right, rather that we are not adverse to identifying a mistake and correcting it. Even, or especiialy, when it's our own.
Preaching to an empty room may be an exercise in futility in some respects, but it helps me work out my focus so, in the rest of my life, I can see a little clearer.

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