Sunday, September 28, 2008

Putting All the Eggs in One Basket

Everyone is weighing in on the bailout of the financial system. $700 billion worth of eggs. The systemic meltdown exposes a basic flaw in the practice of capitalism. The pursuit of market share has put at risk the very thing that gives us true resilience. The spreading of wealth's future to a multitude of minds and interests. The mantra of big business, "free enterprise", is used to disguise the real focus of conglomerate business. "MARKET SHARE". Dominance mentality along with self-serving actions of the controlling boards have subverted the American Dream for most Americans. Sure those that own stock feel that they own something. They do, the risk. Our governments, as well as our minds, have been blinded by so-called experts and pretty rhetoric. While economic power has been consolidating, we, the people, have been kept mesmerized. The carrot of "you too, can be a captain of industry" belies the fact that the powers that be are reluctant to give up market share or confine themselves to a place that gives everyone a place in the sun. The citing of providing jobs as a reason to allow the consolidation of wealth is predicated on the notion that those jobs would not exist or be created by the people whose effort and money support the system. Does anyone truly belive that out of a population of 6 1/2 billion souls only a thousand or so know what's what, or have any talent beyond being sheep.
The meltdown of the financial markets, the decline in the housing market, the need for a huge govt. bailout should serve a a warning. Inter-conectivity is not the same thing as the consolidation of wealth.
The remnents of the American Dream rot away with the corner store that has been closed because the cost of that dream is set by those interested in dominating market share and thereby people's lives. They want us all to give up our independance and work for them so they can do whatever they deem in THEIR best interest.
Go Walmart!

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