Wednesday, July 4, 2007

some times I cry

I was looking at many of the wonderful things people are doing and I realize how shortsighted I have been. With all I could have done, all I should have done, my life is sadly empty. I mistakenly thought that the world was evolving toward a far out place of reason and truth. It is not. The thrust of human endeavor seems to be the same as it has always been. I have stopped to smell the roses along the way, but not nearly enough. Tech, law, art, games, energy, politics, love, sex, travel are just a few of the things that have evolved while I have stayed the same. Why was I so sure I was going the right way? Maybe it was because few were going my way. Those that were not seemed lost. Well, it seems so was I. One needs to expand in an expanding world. I started out running but NOW I'll take my time. At least all I have left.
In this regard I must tell you of a visit to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. The reverence, the quiet, the history were the topic of much of the conversation between myself and my wife for the rest of our drive to San Diego and on to Santa Barbara. The US. had stolen the land. We eventually reached the conclusion that most, if not all, of civilization's greatest moments involved theft in one way or another.
Time has stolen most of my life without me even noticing.

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