Saturday, July 21, 2007

As the world turns, I burn

Again I find myself talking into the netherworld. Many do this too. 75 million blogs and counting, so in that respect I don't feel so alone. If one does the math, though, one realizes it is imposable to view and communicate to most so we make choices. I have chosen a few to link to but I am sure there are many more worth reading. The ones on this list, as I have found out, are just the tip of the iceberg.
As in life we find some things that are a waste. I am so happy people are so free with the links and other sites so I can follow my path but with help. The danger for me is falling in love with someone thru the words of the posts or the kind way they write to me. There is one in particular that has captured my fancy. This person has done nothing to try and fool me. (how would I know if they did?) Intellectually I know this can not be, but still my heart beats faster when I see or write the name. Though I usually go my own way, AAA leads, I follow. "we didn't start the fire. The world's been burning since the world's been turnin' "
Me too!

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone Bob. I am usually just a lurker. Much like dad, I don’t like to talk (or type) when I can’t look the person in the eye. Keep on blogging my brother. Brad