Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have spent the last year zooming around the blogosphere and the Netz learning my way around so to speak. Much of what I found is the same old-same old chatter you find at any card game, corner bar, or family picnic. There are the same people online as one finds in any neighborhood.
Now that my love affair with TIBU is ending, and my relationships with other sites grows, solidifies, or just comes into being, I hope to discuss more things of interest and provide more links. Of course I could go down low to increase page loads, but for now I'll just sit in my corner and play with myself.
The immense size of the Internets brought me to a mistaken conclusion about readership. I thought that because so many people were online, it was a forgone conclusion that SOMEONE would come here. I missed the obvious fact that many people meant many sites. Since people, including me, have limited time to surf, many sites go unnoticed because of logistics not content. Readership seems to develop when content overpowers logistics over time. That is of course unless your content is totally RAD to some in the first place.
Oh yeah, using tags and key-words is a neat trick too. We'll get to that in due course.

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