Monday, August 4, 2008

Below the suface

I suppose there are some things we should get straight first. I am suffering from MS so I have nothing to lose or gain in writing this. This means outside bias holds no sway over over the opinion or conclusions I reach. Second, it is up to the rest of the world to decide, or recognize, if any value resides it the thoughts expressed. Third, any use, change, aggregation or any use whatsoever of the words or thoughts in this writing piece is not only given permission, but encouraged. Let me state that again so no ambiguity exists. Anyone may use any part of anything I write in anyway with or without citation. And fourth, since few if any will read this, there is no fourth.
The political climate in the US. is heating up as the November election looms in the worlds mind. The world is also focusing on the global economy. Some are concerned with protecting, at any cost, the system that provides them privilege. Some are trying to wrest this privilege for themselves at any cost. There seems to be little difference in the feelings of superiority of anyone's entitlement, no matter the geographic, religious, or cultural landscape. The only difference seems to be the way in which this selfishness takes it's form, how it hides, and how much depravity the privileged are willing to visit upon the unequally privileged. How much revenge is involved from both sides of the privilege coin is also a big factor in global venom.
Watching the news tonight there were some vivid examples of our willingness to believe in our own entitlement..

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