Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back to basics

Blogging can be fun. Blogging can be meaningful. Blogging can be silly. Blogging can be a way for some to provoke others. Since entering the blogging thing, I have avoided the same things I avoid in my every day life. But, as in life in general, sometimes we fail. I was recently a failure. I left a simple but to the point comment on a blog. I have commented there before. Someone responded in such a way that I lost my objectivity. There will always be those that try to provoke someone so as to prove they are superior. In fact, this kind of behavior shows an insecure person. The only way for them to feel that they are of primary worth in the world is goad someone. And I allowed this to happen to me when I could no longer stand the words of one that uses this tactic. Don't they realize that they aren't fooling anyone? The only one diminished by such behavior is the instigator themselves. I guess they are clouded in their judgement and can not see clearly.

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