Tuesday, January 2, 2007

for real

the time has come for me to attempt to discus a relevant topic. the topic i chose to start with is knowledge available online. the web is so vast one can type any word into a search engine and receive more places to look at than time allows. this fact is both good and bad. since most of us have limited time to devote to any endeavor, we must choose which sites to visit and those to pass up. if i were perfect or omniscient i would only choose the ones that are the best for my purpose. i am neither so if i rely only on my own judgement or chance i may be searching a long time before my effort bears valuable fruit. this is where the opinions of those we trust really can be of help. not what they know of a subject, rather where they know to look. to use the power of the net to learn, our time is best spent learning not searching. thankfully most sites are linked to other like sites so a trail to learn from becomes instantly apparent. this is a start only since we must still make a choice as to which trail to follow. this is one of the pitfalls of independent learning. we are solely responsible for success or failure. we can't whine about or to a professor. i am going to pursue writing, the law and the arts. wish me luck. i'll keep you posted on any progress i make. if anyone has any leads, please, please let me know..lol.

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